I’m glad you’re gone
You can’t hear the screams
About the one
Who haunts my dreams
He’s hiding there
Under my bed
For me to fear
And others to dread
This monster who
Seeks power still
I haven’t the strength
Nor the will
To fight the beast
Or to befriend
For his actions
Will be my end
But beware
The monster yet
For he seeks
And doesn’t forget
The daemons prey
Is on the weak
And he will not
Have to seek
As you lay dying
On the floor
He will go searching
Forever more.
~ yumichan

The Reason Isn’t That Easy By: E.H.S.

You ask me why I do what I do,
And so I wrote this to help you;
I hope you like poems, I know I do.
The things I do and what I say,
I don’t know why they occur that way.
I hate knowing I upset you,
But you hurt me badly too.
I couldn’t really eat or sleep;
All I could really do was keep-
Thinking of what I’d said and done;
Knowing that I was the one
Who screwed it all up in the end.
I hope this poem makes it clear,
That too my heart I hold you dear.
I never meant to make you mad,
Which led to a pain that was so bad
An intensified searing type of pain,
Which neither of us had anything to gain.
I’m sorry for what I can be
For I know it is the downfall of me.
My poem has come to an end;
Thank you my dear, my loving friend.
For what I could not say in words,
I have written for eyes of yours.
I write that weirdly because of slant rhyme;
Now I’m just doing this to take up time.
It will stop eventually;
I don’t think that this will ever quit;
I think I’m just too good at it.
But now I’m bored, so I am done,
This wasn’t really any fun.